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Calendario Lezioni della Sesta Edizione del Master in Medicina Geriatrica A.A. 2017/2018

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Second Level Master in Geriatric Medicine

The need for vocational training in Geriatrics has been emphasized since several decades, depending from the population trends, in western, developed, and more recently developing Countries where the increase of the number of people over 65 years old, is considerable.

Clearly, the significant rise in older population (eighty- ninthly centennials) presents a major medical, social and economical challenge for the Health Public Services and clinical care too, not only in Italy and Europe.

Therefore Geriatric Medicine plays a central role in the care of elderly people, mostly frail, providing comprehensive services to maintain them independently at home, where they prefer to be.

Following this evidence, the University of San Marino, jointly with University of Ferrara (Italy), since 2012 conceived and set up a specific Second Level MASTER IN GERIATRIC MEDICINE dedicated and tailored for Primary, Sheltered Housing, Intermediate, Hospital Care Doctors.

The Chief of a multidisciplinary international Faculty is Professor Giovanni Zuliani (Director of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics InstituteUniversity of Ferrara), teaching Coordinator MD Giancarlo Ghironzi (President of San Marino Association Gerontology and Geriatrics), Clinical Activities Tutor MD Carlo Renzini (Geriatric Ward San Marino State Hospital).

The complete annual Academic Course is divided in ten monthly 2 days sessions (200 theoretical teaching hours plus intensive practical Training).

The purpose is to give comprehensive teaching and training in Methodology, Knowledge of Aging process, related physical and mental Disorders and Diseases, Pharmacology, secondary therapeutic approaches, Rehabilitation.

The Master is supported by San Marino Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (member of IAGG -ER) and under the patronage of the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

Study Grants will be provided.



Information and registrations:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

tel. 0549 888 116 – cell. 331 7674721



Master in Medicina Geriatrica

Direttore del Master: Giovanni Zuliani

Coordinatore della Didattica: Giancarlo Ghironzi

Tutor della Didattica Applicata: Carlo Renzini

Anno Accademico 2017/2018



15 / 16 dicembre 2017

Inaugurazione 6° edizione del Master e consegna diplomi agli allievi della 5° edizione del Master

Inaugurazione 1° edizione del Master in Medicina Perioperatoria Geriatrica

Biogerontologia / Valutazione Multidimensionale / Cure Primarie in Geriatria


12 / 13 gennaio 2018

Malnutrizione e Disidratazione / Sarcopenia

Casi clinici


9 / 10 febbraio 2018

Aging cerebrale. Demenze, Delirium, Depressione (le tre D)


9 / 10 marzo 2018

Sistema cardiovascolare, principali patologie cardiovascolari / Malattie metaboliche / Endocrinologia Geriatrica

S. da Fragilità, Disabilità / S. Allettamento e Riabilitazione


6 / 7 aprile 2018

Artrosi / Osteoporosi /Cadute

Ortogeriatria, Turbe dell’andatura, Dizziness


4 / 5 maggio 2018

Aspetti dell’assistenza socio-sanitaria dell’anziano
Aging apparato digerente e Stipsi/Diarrea / Incontinenza urinaria e fecale


8 / 9 giugno 2018

Aging apparato respiratorio e Principali patologie / La contenzione nell’anziano

Casi clinici


14 / 15 settembre 2018

Sincope e perdite di coscienza / Farmacologia nell’anziano

Problemi psico-sociali nell’anziano


12 / 13 ottobre 2018

Cure di fine vita e Terapia del dolore / Sindromi extrapiramidali

Casi clinici


9 / 10 novembre 2018

Aging apparato genitourinario; Principali patologie urologiche / UVG e Rete dei Servizi in Geriatria

Presentazione e discussione tesi



Orari: venerdì 9.00/13.00 - 14.00/19.00 - sabato 8.00/13.00



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